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Cut and sewn in Oregon, TougHER deerskin gloves are built for the rigors of hard work. Sturdy, yet offering an exceptionally supple feel and a long-lasting fit and finish, each pair is tailored for women's hands. 

Each pair is made from high-grade deerskin leather sourced from the Midwest and tanned in New York. Deerskin is significantly more abrasion-resistant and softer than cowhide, and can be washed in warm water without damaging the leather.

Lifetime Warranty provided on TougHER gloves.


  • Palm patch for reinforced durability
  • Washable
  • Side-release buckle (10mm or 0.39in) keeps your pair together and can be clipped around a belt loop when not in use. The buckle has a safety release to prevent being caught on heavy machinery.
  • Elastic band sewn in at half-wrist to make pulling your gloves on and off easy
  • Lifetime warranty

It Saves to Invest in Well-Made Gloves

Women deserve high quality gloves that last a lifetime and improve performance. When cheaply made leather gloves are purchased, they typically do not last a season. This costs a person more money over a lifetime, not to mention adds more waste to the landfills. 

Low-cost gloves become hard, brittle and tear because the grain of the leather used is the least strong and, therefore, cheapest for the manufacturer to buy. Additionally, cheap leather gloves are normally not tanned in a manner that ensures the the color is fully incorporated into the leather. This is why some of us have experienced yellow-dyed hands when wearing cheap leather gloves in wet conditions.

You will not experience dyed hands or brittle gloves from TougHER. 

Difference in Tanned Leather. Source: Saddleback Leather, 2017.

Photo Source: Saddleback Leather, 2017


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