Marketplace Mission

Marketplace Mission

Everything we buy has an environmental impact

The word 'sustainable' has many definitions and implications.

Even with great initiatives, carbon offsets, and forward-thinking production, there is no way to completely erase the impact we’re having on our planet’s resources and societies around the world. Every product we buy has an effect on people and place. For us, there is no ‘easy answer’ or single standard that dictates how or why we choose the products we do. Curation is a complicated set of trade-offs as we search for the best goods that do the least harm.

Our store is built with brands that take responsibility for their impact — on customers, employees, communities and the environment. We research extensively to build transparency, and find products with the highest integrity so you can spend less time online, and more time outside.

With our natural systems in decline, one thing is certain: we must take action. Wylder is committed to doing business better. We’re working hard to balance our values and visions for the future of our ecosystems with our gear needs of today. These are our guidelines. No brand meets every line of criteria, and this is by no means an exhaustive list — it’s a road map to help us make the best choices for our marketplace.

How We Choose

We Partner with Brands who are:

  • B-corps, mission-driven, transparent, & have a postivie social impact
  • Build the best product
  • Design by & for women
  • Story-driven, community-oriented, & 'homegrown'
  • Offering outstanding customer service
  • Offering repair services
  • Integrating fair trade labor
  • Accountable & solution-oriented
  • Work with alternative packaging methods
  • Collaborative & aligned with our mission
  • Working to adopt and integrate the HIGG index

We curate products that:

  • Are classic, tried & true, and built to last
  • Balance beauty with functionality
  • Have lifelong relevance
  • Perform the best
  • Fit a diversity of body types
  • Are produced with alternative materials that are:
    • Organic and/or renewable
    • Blue-sign certified fabric
    • Post-consumer recycled
    • Biodegradable