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It’s the wilderness in a bottle. Scents so rich in profile, they take you to that wild happy place no matter where you are.
Juniper Ridge is one of a kind -- they formulate Wilderness Perfume by getting out on the trail, and harvesting, distilling, and extracting fragrance from wildflowers, plants, bark, moss, mushrooms, and tree trimmings. All of their products are named for the wild places they come from. Their formulas vary from year to year and harvest to harvest, based on rainfall, temperature, exact harvesting location, and season. The exact formula is always a conversation with the living, wild ecology.
They use old perfume-making techniques including distillation, tincturing, infusion, and effleurage, mostly from the comfort of their ‘Field Lab’ van, around campfires. A hundred years ago, all perfumes were made this way. Today Juniper Ridge is a rarity and they handle every step of the process. Essentially, these folks are stewards. They wildharvest with sensitivity and respect, and return to the same stands year after year to carefully monitor regrowth. They never use alien or invasive species and are actively involved in native plant restoration projects from San Diego to Seattle. 10% of all of their profits are annually donated to a portfolio of Western Wilderness Defense organizations. They revel in the intact forest habitats of the West, and not only work tirelessly to protect them, but also make sure we’ve always got a portal to the wild, no matter where we are.
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