Icon Roadmap

USA Made

Product is built in the United States

Lifetime Guarantee

Has a Lifetime Warranty or is guaranteed to last for life


Made with organic materials and/or ingredients

Traceable Down

A robust methodology for sourcing down to prevent unnecessary harm to animals

Organic Cotton

Cotton from plants not treated with pesticides and insecticides

Fair Trade

A model of sustainable, ethical trade that puts people and planet first

Blue Sign

The solution for sustainable textile production

B Corp

Business classification for companies dedicated to providing a social benefit

Built By Women

Designed and created by and for women

Recycled Materials

Use of post-consumer recycled materials in fiber manufacturing


Able to be repaired by its manufacturer to extend lifetime

Natural Fibers

Made from plant and/or animal based materials - aka no synthetics


Materials that will happily return to the Earth in a harmless way


No animals used in the making of the product