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There are so many things this brand does right. With European outdoor heritage, spot on color choices, impeccable fit and design, and environmental consciousness, they’re quickly becoming a favorite here at Wylder. We’re thrilled to say, the search is over for the perfect hiking / mountaineering pant that’s tough, well fitting, attractive, and timeless. We found them!

This is a heritage brand that’s only recently moved into US markets. In 1960, they were the first to commercially make and distribute framed backpacks. Since then they’ve been honing in on designing functional, durable, dependable and timeless equipment, and doing it right. Their name is Swedish for, ‘arctic fox.’ Since the 1990’s they’ve been dedicated protecting the future of this iconic and endangered species through their profits and initiatives.

For them, every detail must have the same lifespan and durability as everything else in the garment. They use traceable down, recycled polyester, and organic cotton from certified farms. All of the leather detailing is full grain, and sourced from boot making scraps. G1000 is their true fabric champion. A mix of both organic cotton and recycled polyester, this stuff is as tough as it is flattering and functional. They use a biodegradable wax instead of DWR chemicals to waterproof their garments, which means that you can control how breathable or waterproof you want your goods to be simply by applying more or less, and not damage waterways in the meantime. These are truly lifetime products you can maintain and care for.

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