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A love of surf and effortless personal style inspired Jennifer Hinton and Thayer Sylvester to found Carve Designs. Offering surf, swim, balance, and lifestyle clothing, Carve makes gear that actually fits real women, stays on when we’re active, and pushes the boundaries of outdoor apparel to prove that functional can be fashionable and well fitting.
They use a ton of sustainable fabric - Organic Cotton, made with non-genetically modified plants and without pesticides, Modal, a biodegradable fabric that comes from beech trees, and Tencel, a natural fiber derived from quickly renewable eucalyptus trees. They also use all U.S. manufacturing, and have close relationships with their California-based factories. That minimizes their company's carbon footprint, and allows them to set the standard for workplace conditions. All that, and they make what will become your favorite bikini. 
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