Wylder Goods: Entrepreneurship for the Greater Good

Wylder Goods: Entrepreneurship for the Greater Good

By Emily Downing for OWA

Jainee Dial and Lindsey Elliot know a thing or two about sacrifice. The women behind Wylder Goods, a new online marketplace for women’s outdoor gear, are familiar with early mornings and late evenings, giving up time with family and friends, and cramming an outdoor adventure into a twenty-minute midday break.

In their devotion to launching Wylder Goods, they’ve discovered the isolation and exhaustion that can come with entrepreneurship. Working long days and experiencing the anxiety that comes with taking risks isn’t easy, but both women are driven to create a values-focused business in the industry they love. When asked what keeps her going through the ups and downs of starting a business, Dial says, “I have to hold onto little nuggets of faith and remind myself that on the other side of this sacrifice is a landscape that looks entirely different. I get small glimpses of it and that’s what keeps me motivated.”

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