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Taylor Rees

Taylor Rees

Favorite summer food recipe? Smoothie recipe? Cocktail Recipe?


Watermelon and lime. Corn on the cob with cotija cheese and cayenne pepper. Mango with chili powder. Any form of juicy goodness with a little spice!



Are you in the process of creating something? What/Why?


I am editing 3 films at the moment, which is the part of the process I don't enjoy as much as story development or shooting...  but it's also where a lot of the real creativity comes into play. I'm also in the process of creating a different work environment, moving my office from home to the Wylder studio (whoop!), and developing some new partnerships on future work for art installations and science education. I am also tinkering on a screenplay - science fiction ; ) 



What advice do you have for women just starting their own business?


My business advice would be to *seek advice*! You can't learn enough from others, from tax structure and finances, to all the different ways to develop and refine your creative process. When it comes to business I am always seeking outside help from anyone who might know more. If I can't source from close friends, I often invest money in hiring experts for an hour of their time to really walk me through certain challenges. 



Best bit of advice you’ve ever received?


When it comes to matters of the heart and deeper life direction decisions, DON’T over seek outside advice. For these decisions I try to create time to be quiet with myself, which is hard because I bounce around nearly every minute of every day by choice. It's hard to slow down but its the only way I can listen to what I really need, or what will bring me the deepest and most sustainable joy so I'm a better person to those around me. Yoga, walks, bathtubs, brushing my dog, any way I can tune out the noise of other people's opinions helps. 



What practice keeps you sane right now?


The practice of keeping my dog alive and well exercised takes the pressure off of keeping myself alive. Does that count?



What are you planting in your garden?


Baloo dug a 6 foot deep hole in the yard, two lengths of his entire body. I'm really impressed. Hoping we find treasure. (a.k.a. I have no hope of a garden but I love and appreciate and support other peoples’!)



On your dark days, what brings you hope?


I might have the wrong approach, but on my dark days I just let myself be dark. I don't run from it, I don't try to quickly shine a light before I get scared. I try to keep it reasonable… (“Ok Taylor, you can be moody and weird for another 24 hours. Then, ya know, move on when you’re ready.”) 



Follow Taylor in instagram @taylorfreesolo and check out some of her incredible work:









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