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So Fresh And So Green Green!

So Fresh And So Green Green!

So Fresh and So Green Green Juice & Popsicle  

Mornings are for ritual, and in my case, caffeine, but I've learned that caffeine is more effective if taken after 9AM as our first natural cortisol wave begins to wane which is why I start the day with this green juice. Whether you're a caffeine fiend like myself or not, this juice is a great way to get your greens in before the hustle, while kickstarting your digestive engine for the day ahead. And if you're a popsicle fan, freeze it overnight and you'll have the perfect bookend to your day. 


For all the mothers out there with reluctant greens eaters, this can also be a great gateway recipe. I've tested this one with hundreds of kids I work with and its left them wanting more each time. As a school garden and nutrition educator I’ve been on a mission to create a green juice recipe that not only has kids screaming for seconds but that delivers that lush, neon, green of Spring, right into their hands! My goal was to create a recipe with the kids I work with that both reminded them of, and connected them to the land that surrounds them at that precise moment in the season. Enjoy this one as a juice or as a popsicle to cool your jets! 




1 cup water

1 cup apple or orange juice (preferably fresh, not from concentrate)

3 cups spinach (you can always add more!)

1/2 granny smith apple (fuji works too)

3-5 strawberries chopped

1 stick of celery chopped

16 - 20 fresh mint leaves

Juice from 1 lemon




Combine water, juice and add to blender with spinach, chopped celery and mint leaves. Blend on high until smooth.


Next add apple, strawberries, celery and juice from the lemon and blend until the consistency is that of a juice.


Enjoy the juice as is, or pour into popsicle molds and stick in the freezer overnight.

    Recipe by Kaelyn Ramsden | Photos Sashwa Burrous



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