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The Wylder Rundown on Bike Shorts

The Wylder Rundown on Bike Shorts

By Lindsey Elliott

As we round the corner to summer, trails are drying out from a heavy, wet spring and mountain biking season is officially here! I started biking when I moved to Utah about 3 years ago. Hesitant to break every bone in my body at first, I’ve found it to be an incredible way to explore the mountains at my own pace, spend time with my loved ones, and take my dogs on long romps. Here in the Wasatch Mountains, every trail goes up up up, and then way down -- so it’s also been a great way to stay in shape for hunting season and go easy on my knees. All around, mountain biking has become one of the outdoor activities that patterns my year, from group rides and campouts with friends to solo morning rides with my pups before long days at the office.

This year, I made some serious upgrades to my biking kit with a new steed -- the Yeti SB100. It feels great to be honing my skills to the point where I can appreciate a bike as finely crafted as this one. And while we’re on the topic of honing, I took some time this spring to test every pair of bike shorts available in the Wylder store. That’s right, every one. As my rides get longer and I spend more and more time in the saddle, comfort is becoming key to my happiness on two wheels. So, without further adieu -- here is my 2019 rundown of everything we offer in women’s bike shorts. Whether you’re new to exploring life on two wheels, taking chances with your first jumps, or crush an easy 20 miles, I’ve outlined what I think are your best options for this year, and your seasons to come from 3 brands we love and trust. Enjoy!



1. Yeti Cycles Avery Short

    1. Why I love it: Lightweight, breathable, stretchy, unrestricting, perfect shorts!

    2. The Rundown: The Avery Short from Yeti Cycles is my personal favorite for hot, endurance based rides here in the Wasatch. I love the length, teal color, stretch, fit, and drop in style pocket on the right side for my phone. Paired with the Enduro Liner, I forget I’m wearing bike shorts, which is nice as most can feel bulky and restricting. The Averys have flat pull tabs on the waist so you can dial in your fit, and a bit of a silicon grip on inner waistband. Pairs best with the Hayden Jersey and Enduro Liner!

    3. Value for price: $90 - The Avery short is the best short for the value in this collection!

2. Yeti Cycles Enduro Liner

    1. Why I love it: Like wearing air. Comfortable, breathable, and unrestricting.

    2. The Rundown: The Enduro Liner from Yeti Cycles is my personal favorite chammy in this collection. Together the yoga-style waistband and micro-jersey fabric creates a perfect, unrestricting fit with a minimalistic, breathable feel. The Italinan chammy is super comfy for long rides without feeling like a diaper, and the legs have a silicon grip that still allows for movement which I love. Pairs well with the Avery Short!

    3. Value for price: $70 - This Enduro Liner chammy gets the best bang for your buck award in this collection!



 3. Wild Rye Marion Chammy

    1. Why I love it: Heavy duty, compression fit, built to last, designed by women, for women, runs true to size.

    2. The Rundown: So much thought has gone into the Marion Chammy from Wild Rye! In sync with the durability of the Freel Shorts, this Chammy is built to last. This Marion is heavy duty! This chammy runs a bit thicker and is less breathable than others, but gives you a solid, compression fit. I love how the waist is designed -- thick, high, yet comfortable so it doesn’t cut in when I’m bent over my bike. You can tell a woman thought these through. The italian style pad is perfectly comfy for long rides, and the inside of the legs have a flat, no-slip textured grip to them. This is the only chammy in our collection that isn’t see through, and can be worn by itself. If you’re looking for something that’s stand-alone or can double over for road biking, this is your chammy!

    3. Value for price: $115 - This chammy is built to last. If you’re looking for something you’ll love for years, this is the one. Plus, you can feel good about supporting a women-owned company! 

4. Wild Rye Freel Shorts

    1. Why I love it: Playful, functional, sturdy, designed by women, for women, runs true to size.

    2. The Rundown: Everything about these shorts evokes a well thought out, sturdy, perfection. Wild Rye didn’t take any shortcuts when designing the Freel women’s mountain bike short. Made with a sturdy stretch fabric, the Freel’s have a comfortable high waist style, long length, feminine hem, and a pocket big enough for your phone. The durability of these shorts provides a sense of confidence that neither the fabric nor the rider’s skin will tear on a fall. The Freel’s strike that magical balance between beauty and functionality. If you’re looking for a little more statement and style in your kit without compromising a technical rider’s needs, these are your shorts.

    3. Value for price: $119 - These shorts are built to last. Guaranteed to carry you through your rides for the next 5 years without any issues of them holding up. Plus, you can feel good about supporting another women-owned company!

5. Patagonia Dirt Craft 

    1. Why I love it: Low rise, grippy, functional.

    2. The Rundown: Heads up, these shorts run small. Make sure to go a full size up if you want them to fit comfortably. The Dirt Craft shorts are a great option for kit if you’re looking for all around function and affordability. With both shorts and chammy, these are the best bang for your buck if you can make the sizing work for you. Also, lefty’s rejoice! The pocket that will fit your phone sits on the left thigh. The Dirt Craft shorts are the only ones in this collection that have normal shorts pockets at the hips (like jeans), if you like to use those. The chammy is has a flat elastic waistband with a small yoga front. Again I would prefer a bit more rise here, but if you’re looking for low rise, this is your short. These shorts are designed without the silicon grip on the legs which I think improves the fit. Good all-around short here!

    3. Value for price: $149 - For both shorts and a chammy, this is our most affordable option. Backed by Patagonia for years to come!



6. Patagonia Dirt Roamer

    1. Why I love it: Great colors, lightweight, stretchy, and minimalistic.

    2. The Rundown: Heads up, these shorts run small. Make sure to go a full size up if you want them to fit comfortably. The Dirt Roamer is designed to pair with the Endless Ride Liner, or can be worn over any other chammy you own. These shorts scream minimalism, and leftys -- these shorts are for you. The only pocket on them is located on the left thigh, and fits an iphone 6 snuggly. Best for the gal that doesn’t need to map-check too often. I love that the bottom hem has a bit more length to cover my knees or knee pads, and that they wear well on their own for post-ride hanging.

    3. Value for price: $99 - great colors, well designed, and backed by Patagonia for year’s to come!


7. Patagonia Endless Ride Liner

    1. Why I love it: Breathable mesh paneling, lightweight, minimalistic chammy.

    2. The Rundown: The Endless Rider Chammy from Patagonia wins on breathability. This chammy is designed to pair with Patagonia’s Dirt Roamer bike shorts. There have been several tweaks made to Patagonia’s women’s line for biking since it first launched a few years ago, and I love where it’s headed. This Chammy is almost perfect, with its breathable mesh paneling down the legs for hot rides. I find the seams to be a bit tight around my thighs where the mesh meets the silicon grip fabric. A bit more stretch here would be great. I’d also love another inch or so of rise out of the yoga-style waist-band, but if you’re looking for a lower rise, this is your chammy!

    3. Value for price: $79 - well-designed, and backed by Patagonia for years to come!


This collection is a reflection of the monumental development of products for women in mountain biking. We’re thrilled to be offering you the best of the best here. Now, get out there and enjoy those trails this season! And make sure to share your adventures with us at #livewylder.










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