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Karen Pride

Karen Pride

Karen pride is one hell of a hustler who's able to balance her grit and tenacity with an overwhelmingly positive and tender love for her community, employees, and friends. Based in Portland, OR, she owns 3 restaurants and a yoga studio, is an incredible chef (count yourself lucky if you get invited to one of her dinner parties), and she exudes an inner radiance that's contagious. We're so happy to feature her here!



If you’re an entrepreneur, what advice do you have for women just starting their own business?

Take the time to get very clear on what you want.  Do not let anyone else influence that decision.  Go out and learn everything that you can about the business that you are interested in.  Be willing to give some things up for your passion, always listen to your heart and then put in the work to get the life that you desire. 

Best bit of advice you’ve ever received?

You are your own solution.


What practice keeps you sane right now?

My yoga practice has kept me sane for the past 10+ years and my yoga mat continues to be the place where I process everything.  In addition to yoga, I believe that nature, travel and creativity are the trifecta that I need in order to do the work that I feel drawn to do in the world.

If you had $300 to spend in the Wylder shop, what would you spend it on?

The Country Outdoor Wool Hat in Loden and the Raffia Summer Hat by Conner Hats because I love hats so much. A Vssl First Aid Kit to pack for summer hikes, the Nipomo Desert Gold Blanket for picnics and hanging out on the beach, and the Beacon lantern by Barebones in red for all of my summer camping.

Are you in the process of creating something? What/Why?

I am in the process of creating a life that has more creativity built into it on a daily basis.  A life where creativity is the backbone to everything else.  I think that we do our best work out in the world when we are fulfilled, enthusiastic, passionate and curious, but for me to be all of those things I have learned that I need to be creative in my personal life.


What are you planting in your garden?

Fresh herbs because it’s so nice to step outside and grab a handful of herbs when cooking!  Also, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and a fig tree because nothing beats fresh picked berries or figs on a summer morning!

Favorite book(s) for travel/inspiration?

I’ll forever be a Jack Kerouac kind of girl.  His quotes like “Live, Travel, Adventure, Bless & Don’t Be Sorry” and "All human beings are also dream beings. Dreaming ties all mankind together” are my gospel.

Follow Karen @karenpride or her businesses: @yogapearl, @prasadcafe, @harlowportland, @prasadeastpdx. Photos by Natalie Gildersleeve and Jessica Keating 



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