Jessica Hamel

Jessica Hamel

Jessica Hamel is an entrepreneur, ultra runner, and a ray of sunshine sweeter than the very snack frosting she's known for creating, FROST'D. In addition to loving her confections and selling them in the Wylder shop, Jessica is an inspiration to us and has a contagious zest for life. We're thrilled to have caught up with her to see how her summer is shaping up! 

What gets you out of bed in the morning these days?

Honestly, my dog Jeronimo licking my face. The moment I rustle even the slightest bit he is on top of me and then, soon after, my other dog Jack is in my face. They’re great alarm clocks.

What’s on your summer bucket list right now?

Summer is my jam and it’s the time of the year I do most of my exploring. I’m hoping to complete another 100 mile race. I finished my first with ease but have been having some serious bad luck and DNF’d at my last three. Also, we just got a 14 ft paddle board that fits me, my boyfriend, and two dogs. We’re really looking forward to hitting the west coast a good chunk of August and taking in the ocean.


What are you a beginner at right now, or trying for the first time?

Being an entrepreneur. I mean, I’ve ‘freelanced’ for years, but FROST’D is my first real shot at trying to build a company. Guess what? It’s got a big learning curve.

What is helping you keep it together? Any saving routines?

Running really far through the mountains. Running has been so much to me throughout the past decade. It has given me confidence, made me aware of my strength (mental & physical,) it inspires my best ideas, but, most importantly, it gives me a place to decompress.

If you had $300 to spend in the Wylder shop, what would you spend it on?

So much awesome stuff to choose from! I’ve had my eyes on the Coco Chispa pottery. It’s gorgeous. Oh, and that Ranger backpack is a beauty!

Favorite brand in the Wylder shop?

FROST’D aside, I do really love Nipomo. I met Liz and her boyfriend last summer. We were booth mates at an artisan market. They’re good people!


What are you planting in your garden this summer?

Ha. I dream of gardening, but I only have so much free time and that’s usually spent exploring. I do however, have a lovely jungle of succulents that I enjoy taking care of.

What is at the top of your spotify, ‘recently played’? Or favorite current music?

Usually Beyonce, but right now I’ve been listening to a lot more old school Notorious B.I.G. Whenever I’m under a lot of pressure or need to get psyched up, I always turn up the hip hop and get it done.

Who is inspiring you right now? Why?

The people around me. I live in Boulder, CO and I’ll give you the insider’s secret: there are so many inspiring individuals here doing amazing things every day. To highlight a few, the FROST’D athlete squad - Clare Gallagher, Cat Bradley, Hillary Allen and Nicole Mericle always keep me inspired. These girls are simply amazing. They work so hard and are so passionate about what they do. They’re also all incredibly intelligent.

If you’ve ever been profoundly changed by a landscape, which one, and why?

I wasn’t always a super outdoorsy female. In fact, I grew up in NY and dreamed of working in the fashion industry and living in the city. When studying in South Africa, I joined a hiking group out of the blue and the rest was history. I fell in love with the outdoors there, moved to Boulder after college and began running absurd amounts of hours in the mountains.

Are you an activist? If so, what are you fighting for and why?

I’m a very passionate person and it’s tough to not stand up for the things I believe in and the things I love. One topic near and dear to my heart is female empowerment. You can really feel and see a huge cultural shift going on these days.


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All photography by the talented, Josh Vertucci 

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