Coco Barret-Tormey

Coco Barret-Tormey
Coco Barret-Tormey is an artisan potter and wilderness woman from Santa Cruz, CA. An advocate for slow living, she gets her daily reset from the morning tide as a surfer, and from regular goat milking. Coco's beautiful pottery has been a foundation of the Wylder store since the beginning. We caught up with Coco to hear what it's like on the west coast this summer, and see what she's currently working on. 

What gets you out of bed in the morning these days?

Low tides. When the low tide is in the morning there is a collection of Santa Cruz water lovers who choose to surf our favorite spot. I love waking up and knowing these people, I only see in a wetsuit, will be out there. Waking up with friends in the water is the best way to start my day.



Current source of inspiration?

In Santa Cruz when we look out at the ocean we can see the mountains of Carmel/Big Sur. Sometimes where the horizon line meets the base of the mountains there is a layer of fog that makes it look like those mountains are floating.

What are you a beginner at right now, or trying for the first time?

Self care. I just had my 28th birthday and I’m trying out new routines like sunscreen. I feel like a beginner at being a grown up!

What is helping you keep it together? Any saving routines?

Every other week I milk goats. This has become like a little meditation. It’s a time that I set aside to just be with the animals and work through the chores. The goats know the routine so they keep you on pace. It’s a time when I feel very present. It’s a time when I know I can be slow.

If you had $300 to spend in the Wylder shop, what would you spend it on?

I would buy the Muir Woods Redwood Crew Fleece Sweatshirt, Bri Bol’s Badlands earrings, a Bramble camp towel and a Tools for Grassroots Activism paperback by Patagonia.

What are you planting in your garden this summer?

Dumped out buckets of clay slop and blackberries!


If you’ve ever been profoundly changed by a landscape, which one, and why?

I grew up in Marin County under Mt. Tamalpais. I grew up hiking and playing in creeks and smelling redwoods. It has been many years since I lived in Marin and none of the houses I lived in remain in my family, but every time I come from either north or south as soon as I see Mt. Tam I feel home.

Are you an activist? If so, what are you fighting for and why?

I’m an activist for slow lifestyle. These days with people only feeling a sense of purpose when they are busy or checking their screen in any moment of pause I feel like it is important to be an advocate for slowing down. I hope my art inspires people to slow down with a warm beverage and enjoy a moment of peace and reflection. These are the times when we do our most important work as humans.


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