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Chevon Powell


Are you in the process of creating something? What/Why?
I just produced the first Refuge Outdoor Festival a 3-day camping festival geared toward people of color and allies. Additionally, I’m working on building my event business with a focus on outdoor events and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. For me, nature and outdoor recreation is a source of healing and peace but it’s not always safe or inclusive.


Top 3 podcasts and why?
Side Hustle School- People are doing amazing, weird, or just plain interesting things that aren’t their main source of income and it’s inspiring. 
Code Switch- I don’t even know how to explain it but it’s stories about people of color, communities of color and the various topics that sometimes aren’t covered - most importantly covered by journalist of color.  
The Joy Trip Project- James Edwards Mills has been working hard on diversity in the outdoors for years and has such great conversations with his guests. I just want more episodes. 
Best bit of advice you’ve ever received?
My grandmother would tell me- when you stop learning you stop living. She passed away over 15 years ago but this is the grand mantra of my life and the way I choose to honor her memory. So, I listen to podcasts, audiobooks, take classes, go to conferences and so on.  


If you had $300 to spend in the Wylder shop, what would you spend it on? 
Definitely the Ranger Backpack I’ve been eyeing. I need to retire my current bag. The rest would be spent on earrings. I LOVE having fun with earrings. 
Are you an activist? If so, what are you fighting for and why?
I don’t consider myself an activist, but I’m fighting for change around people of color and the outdoors. If we talk about public lands first, we must recognize that we are enjoying land stolen from Indigenous people. And I believe to a certain measure, mother nature doesn’t discriminate but people still do so even in the outdoors there are systems, corporations, and individuals that make the outdoors an unwelcoming place for POC. This has to change. 
Anything else you want to add?
Today is a great day to be alive. Whatever day it is, where ever you are if you have air in your lungs. Today is indeed a great day to be alive. 


Find out more about Chevon's work at | @refugeoutdoorfestival



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